Photo Credit : Jessie Lim Photography

What is Intuitive Music Programming (IMP) 

We are made of atoms. Atoms vibrate. Music frequencies are vibrations and as a result  we all respond to music, vibrationally. Music is a powerful tool for transformation as it does its work on a cellular level. Recall a stressed moment in gridlock traffic, transformed when your favourite song plays on the radio.

Intuitive Music Programming provides an orchestral landscape that safely allows your mind and ego to stand aside while you connect with the energy of your Creator, Source, Light and your absolute Truth without the use of labels or judgements. IMP opens a portal to another realm of existence that allows your soul to re-align energetically to an authentic version of life that is of ease and abundance.

Melissa Indot, Founder

With a career to date lasting 20 years in the music industry as a Musician, Producer, Singer, Composer and Lyricist, Melissa’s intrinsic affinity with music naturally lent itself to creating her signature Transformational modality. Based on her own personal practise, Intuitive Music Programming or IMP uses the power of music to evoke your ability to vibrate and therefore feel. 

Melissa intuitively selects songs and creates playlists that facilitate a return to a life that functions at its optimum, relative to the subscribed workshop thematic. Each playlist supports a compassionate and empowering journey in which songs are broken down lyrically, discussions opened, guided meditations lead and affirmations written exclusively for a unique path to an authentic and abundant life.