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A profound week of nourishment for diving deep into the relationship we have with our mother and the relationship she has with us. We will clear blockages in our feminine ancestry and pave the way for clarity and vital energy.

Bring your mother to Ibiza. If you can't physically bring her, you can bring her 'energetically' to work on this relationship and others in your lineage. We have limited space for a few grandchildren on this retreat, please ask before booking.

In this retreat Mother Daughter Magic we explore the relationship we have with our mother, our inner child and how we mother ourselves. Using different modalities like Intuitive Music ProgrammingSerenity Vibration Healing, Shadow Work and Womb Clearing we will explore how to move beyond fixed mindsets, imprints and stories to create more space, connection and freedom for ourselves.

The yoga teacher leading this retreat is world renowned Suzanne Faith

Facilitators on this retreat will include Claudia SpahrMelissa Indot and Monica Pelayo

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