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Untangle Understand Accept, Singapore (Adolescent / Young Adults)

Untangle confusion and frustration; Understand that every experience is an opportunity to step into your strength to make choices that serve towards positive growth; Accept and exercise your intuitive skills to your highest benefit.

This workshop’s focus is to address and manage the often inexplicably complicated Adolescent chapter in our journey. Untangle.Understand.Accept gently guides Tweens, Teenagers and Young Adults through one of the hardest periods of their young lives. 

In this stage of life, they find themselves having to navigate through the confusion and frustration that results from a struggle to express and communicate their needs reasonably and with clarity, in what often seems like a restrictive world.

“The (Untangle.Understand.Accept) course was definitely interesting. I was a little bit sceptical at first but having completed it, i have a wider perspective of things. I myself can be very closed minded when it comes to talking about certain subjects. But now I find it easier to open up towards people, which can have many benefits in life.”

Jeffri Joaqim, 19
London, England

This is the first workshop in Singapore before Melissa travels to the U.K. to run IMP workshops.


Monday (inclusive of Registration time) - 10am  - 2pm (inclusive of a lunch & short breaks)
Tuesday - 10am - 4pm (inclusive of lunch & short breaks)

Fee : SG$ 325 (US$ 340 via PayPal incl. PayPal fees)
2 days of workshop + beverages + snacks


Please book early to reserve your place as groups are limited to a maximum of 6 pax

IMP Untangle.Understand.Accept Workshop (incl PayPal fee)

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