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Malaysia - Being Fearless, Violet Flame, Kuala Lumpur

  • Violet Flame 9 Lorong Maarof Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, 59000 Malaysia (map)


• Ready to live a life with meaning and Purpose?
• Ready to realise your highest potential ?
• Ready to embody HAPPINESS?
• To try something completely new that uses Music in a unique way to accompany you on an adventure of YOUR lifetime?

Do you want to make a change ? 
Are you ready to take charge of an aspect in your life?

If the answer is yes:

Are you willing to grab this opportunity today?
Whilst giving yourself the gift of benefitting from a great offer?


BEING FEARLESS is the Intuitive Music Programming Foundation workshop that facilitates in identifying and clearing the paralysing effects that Fears can have on Life so that you can Reclaim Self Sovereignty

Here is a simple process to get you on a grounded track towards clearing the fears that are stopping you from moving forward in your relationships. This process will enable you to :

Identify your Fears
Release you Fear and Keep you in the Now
Take Action to achieve your Goals
At the end of the process you will :

Attain Clarity
Regain confidence
Have a system to support you on achieving your goals effectively



• Intuitive Music Programming uses the power of music to evoke your ability to re-connect with yourself. The simple yet effective processes and tools acquired make IMP a powerful system for transformation. 
• Through music play-listing, IMP provides a orchestral landscape that allows your mind and ego to stand aside while you connect with the energy of your absolute Truth without limiting labels or judgements. 


Your Fears show up as a guide to the unhealed parts of you that need attention. Make Fear your Friend by attending BEAING FEARLESS

BEING FEARLESS is a Intuitive Music Programming workshop which facilitates fearless exploration, expression, expansion and empowerment, leaving individuals open to and ready for limitless possibilities.



Friday : 
An Introduction to IMP (inclusive of Registration time) : 
7:00pm - 9pm
FEE : RM 100 (RM 105 via PayPal incl. PayPal fees)

Saturday : 
BEING FEARLESS Workshop (inclusive of Registration time) : 
2pm - 5pm
FEE : RM 150 (RM 158 via PayPal incl. PayPal fees)

Payment link :


Refund Policy
Workshops are prepaid & non-refundable. Appeals can be made by email with refunds considered for extraordinary circumstances at the discretion of Intuitive Music Programming.

Disclaimer / Legal
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