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Chiang Mai - Serenity Vibration Healing Level 1 Training

Serenity Vibration Healing uses systematic tools and protocols in an active form of prayer, interfacing directly with the Higher or “God” Self level of consciousness of the individuals, to identify and reformat all embedded seeds and root causes of an ailment / issue / pattern lodged within the many levels of consciousness, lifetimes and dimensions

Quiet incessant mind chatter, worries & anxiety

Re-script non-serving beliefs activated in childhood

Clear physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks

Reformat genetic imprints passed on by parents and ancestors

Release karma, curses and other suppression profiles

We are Divine Beings living a Human experience, tracing our soul and genetic lineages back through thousands of years. As such, lifetimes of conditioning, patterns, traumas, oaths, suppression profiles, in humanity, collective consciousness and our specific lineages and the verbiage we use, all may influence our current life and manifestations.

✨> Class schedule is as follows :

Classes starting Febuary 1st - 3rd, 10.00 - 17.00 Chiang Mai

*Please email me if this does not accommodate your time zone and we will create a solution*

✨> The format of the course is 4 (four) consecutive days of four hour online video conference classes.

✨> A Hard copy Manual / Workbook is provided will be sent to you by mail on payment.

SVH is a personal empowerment tool that works at the transcendent levels to reform foundations of limiting beliefs and perceptions that can stop you from reaching your highest ideal.

More Info on the course please go here


Serenity Vibration Healing Live Training (Group)

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