The Infinite Plan

This grain of sand that has been found
With Stars and galaxies abound
The shell from which it came a sound
Listen quietly, it's voice is loud
Reverberating tones that stay
Back and forth they ricochet
What do these ancient riddles say?
How from the truth mankind has strayed
Singing choirs calm the banter
Majestic graceful horses canter
What is it that really matters?
How we heal a world in tatters
See the Universe's reach
Mountains, valleys, oceans deep
Planetary systems leap
Newer cosmos that we seek
Lifeforms that we've never seen
Perfect just like in a dream
While we on a earth run out of steam
When will we action what we mean?
Then in a moment realise
A lack in gratitude here lies
A thoughtless state does hypnotize
Now we, ourselves we do despise
Let us take these baby steps
To a world with no regret
Do not frown, please do not fret
Freedom from this infinite web
Stroll the beach look to the ocean
Feeling safe here in the motion
Moving forward fuel the motion
Flowing free divine devotion
In the distance catch your eye
Sea the shell right by your side
What a gem, oh what a find!
Feels like Deja Vu, Rewind!
In this perfect Infinite Plan
In this shell a grain of sand
Precious peace in a Promised Land
This riddle tell me do you understand?
(c) Melissa Indot, March 2017


The shadows keep taunting
Days gone, they keep haunting
They push and they prod
Heads sway and they nod
Acceptance, refusal
Don't know how to use them
Deep scars from my history
Reveal darker mysteries
Of once upon a times
Of many lives, once mine
That were lost now are found
New sights and new sounds
Familiar, yet distant
Disappeared in an instant
Leaving rhymes in our system
Shards of light in a prism
Show where there's imbalance
As We struggle in silence
And smile for the crowd
Screaming laughter out loud
In a joy that's a stranger
To a heart in great danger
Of losing its dance
Faraway in a trance
Beating patterns in rhythm
To which It falls victim
The soul's hand reaches out
Reaches far, reaches loud
To your's, by me
Quietly and gently
Unassuming, unrepentant
Pure love, pure intent
Supportive in silence
No agenda, no violence
In action or word
Freedom's flight like a bird
Allowing the flow
Of the darkness in the know
That love heals all deep wounds
In transformation, soon
Holding space for the One
Rising with the Sun
To be her very best
Remaining on this quest
So together in service
They can live their love's purpose
(c) Melissa Indot, May 2017 


I Love You so much it hurts
My heart is just about to burst
The light you shone upon my life
It is still shining very bright
The Prism here, within Me
Is splitting atoms, obviously
I recreate the world you know
Transmute the energies so they flow
Left and right and down and up
I bet you thinking I'm really nuts
Who else would I care to be
Other than amazing me? 
You can always join my tribe
Live life happily without a fight
(c) Melissa Indot, November 2016