Intuitive Music Programming UK Edition

Want to Reconnect with the True You in a fun setting?
Do you love listening to Music?

Curious to explore Music in a way that transforms you?
Are you Stagnant or feeling Stuck?
Looking for Inspiration?
Feeling Unmotivated?
Want to make a change?
Want to take charge of an aspect in your life?

If the answer is YES:

Grab this opportunity today,
Whilst giving yourself the gift of benefitting from a great offer!


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Forgive.Focus.Forward 13-15 July 2018


Intuitive Music Programming is finally coming to the UK! The Three day Forgive.Focus.Forward Workshop will be in

London, 13th - 15th July 2018.

This is a creatively RADICAL program designed to regain the connection Your Life is craving.

Curious? You should be! 

Are You…

🔊>  Unsettled with your life. Do you have it “all”, yet feel that your life lacks meaning or Purpose?
🔊>  Ready to realise your highest potential?
🔊> Feeling frustrated? Moody? Trapped? 
🔊> Ready to try something completely new that uses MUSIC in a unique way to accompany you on an adventure of YOUR lifetime?

How Does Intuitive Music Programming Work?

🎶> Intuitive Music Programming uses the power of music to evoke your ability to re-connect with yourself. 
🎶> The simple yet effective processes and tools acquired make IMP a powerful system for transformation. 
🎶> Through music play-listing, IMP provides a orchestral landscape that allows your mind and ego to stand aside while you connect with the energy of WHO YOU ARE allowing it to Guide you

What is the Forgive.Focus.Forward Workshop ?

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🎧 > FORGIVE what is past with COMPASSION & GRATITUDE. Imagine letting go of a lifetime of troubles and fears. Letting go of all that burdens you, allows you to consciously clear the slate and start anew. Through Music, discover and remove limiting mindsets, perceptions and judgements.

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🎧 > FOCUS on your Purpose - to LIVE a fulfilling LIFE. Clarity helps to secure a bull’s eye target for your compass to navigate. Specific play-listing forms a clear space that is your’s to realise your life’s objectives.

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 🎧 > FORWARD movement towards creating your dream. Create MOMENTUM, with music to motivate and inspire as you design with intention, a system to support you towards attaining your goals.

What are the Benefits?


🎧 > Release all that no longer serves you, allowing you to consciously clear the slate and start afresh. This happens through discovering and removing limiting mindsets and perceptions.

🎧 > Move the energies from imprinted past experiences and trauma that are keeping you stagnant

🎧 > Understand perceived mistakes and errors of judgement from the past that are keeping you resentful, frustrated or unable to move forward.

🎧 >  Continued connection and support through a private Facebook Group

The IMP Forgive.Focus.Forward Workshop gives you powerful tools and processes to apply to every aspect of your life. 
It fosters healthy curiosity and sponsors empowerment through radical forgiveness; leaving individuals open to limitless possibilities.

What Does the Workshop entail ?

 🔊 >  Dedicate Two and a half days of your life to this workshop ( normally a Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday )
 🔊 > Friday 18:00 to 22:00 / Saturday and Sunday 10:00 to 17:00
 🔊 >  Be ready to rebuild the relationship you have with yourself whilst having fun with music !

 🔊 >  Access to an exclusive private Facebook group which provides a safe community to share, inspire, find support, grow and expand together.

 🔊 >  OPTIONAL : 90 mins One on One IMP Session @ GBP 138 (worth GBP 258) - an opportunity to work with Melissa on moving through specific blocks or struggles, or perhaps to gain clarity on designing and moving forward in creating the life you desire. These are powerfully transformative sessions combining various tools and skills including Serenity Vibration Healing & Divine Intervention held together by the grounding and nurturing frequency of music.

ONE TIME INTRODUCTORY INVESTMENT Valid until 30 April 2018 : GBP 388.00 (worth GBP 888)


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