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Forgive Focus Forward

Are you ready to realise your full potential by living harmoniously in a rhythm of life that is authentically You?

Forgive.Focus.Forward is the IMP Foundation workshop which facilitates fearless exploration, expression, expansion and empowerment, leaving individuals open to and ready for limitless possibilities.

From this neutral space, you are supported in :

  • Releasing all that no longer serves you from the past, allowing you to consciously clear the slate and start afresh
  • This effortless and renewed clarity provides a strong foundation to establish and recognise your goals; your Truth.
  • This grounded platform is the spring board from which you will be propelled into the fulfilling and purposeful life that you have been waiting for.

IMP opens a portal to another realm of existence that allows your soul to re-align you so you can Forgive what is past; creating space for you to Focus on your truth; allowing you to move Forward towards creating it.

This Foundation workshop is a pre-requisite to all other IMP workshops

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All About Me

This workshop's focus is to review, calibrate and re-align our Energetic Centres also known as Chakras. 

Throughout our lives as we grow physically, move through and evolve in an always changing world, the energy flowing through us is often compromised. This happens as a result of physical, mental and emotional injuries and "scarring" which creates blocks in our flow. 

Each energy centre is located in different areas of our body and represent different potential issues of concern, for example (to name a few) :

  • Struggles with Expression
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Difficulty with Trust

Any imbalances are acknowledged, explored and then calibrated to support our current placement in life - this can be viewed as your very own "system update".

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Untangle Understand Accept

This workshop’s focus is to address and manage the often inexplicably complicated Adolescent chapter in our journey. Untangle.Understand.Accept gently guides Tweens and Teenagers through one of the hardest periods of their young lives, navigating through the confusion and frustration that results from a struggle to express and communicate their needs reasonably and with clarity in what often seems like a restrictive world.

Intuitive Music Programming facilitates this journey of self discovery, expression, empowerment and fully supports taking action. A small playlist of songs is intuitively selected and broken down, coupled with intuitive guidance, meditations and participatory exercises (processes) and fun discussions.

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