Virtual Classrooms

In 2017 I took a particular interest in learning from teachers! I signed up for virtual courses. They took several different forms.

The first course of the year was for Serenity Vibration Healing lead by awesome teacher Linnet Tan. I made great friends in that group, including one who is not only part of my extra special support group, she also works with me in our RaisAsia community - love you Mindy Choo... (a bonus from enrolling yourself on courses!)

The next one I did was a teleconference course - I was sent a "textbook" workbook to work off and jumped on a conference call once a week to work through it with an amazing teacher who was in another part of the world.

On another telephone course I was lucky in that the other student had to pull out because what ended up happening is that my teacher, Jill Marie more or less became a Mentor. That was super special <3

I liked the idea of being back in the classroom where I would share my thoughts, learn not just from the text book and be guided by the teacher, but also learn from my fellow students experiences. The online course also offers me an option to connect on a different level with your teacher which makes it feel more like mentoring.

What online courses have you taken and what have your experiences been like?

Some of What 2017 "learned" Me

2017 was a very different year of learning for me... I did not do as much travelling as I did in 2016 however I spent longer periods of time in the places that I traveled to.

You do a lot of learning during this time :

1. You learn new language - even when your language is the same, different countries and cities have their own slangs and slants and nuances to a common mother tongue
2. You learn difficult urban culture.
3. You learn the different social graces.
4. You learn about the different rules and governing laws
5. When I spent two months in Peru, i learned to understand a language in the way that is was expressed - through body language and tone and suggestion and most of all through my intuition
6. I got mugged at gun point. I learned about attachment, about forgiveness, about gratitude, about trauma, about sacred space, about survival, about resilience, about strength, about vulnerability, about asking for help, about silence, about emotional abuse, about unconditional love, about holding space, about self care, about recovery... in fact there is so much from this experience ALONE that I am still integrating and assimilating... just writing this is turning my insides upside down...

There are so many more things I could mention... my point is we are always learning. Life has so much to show us if we only commit some of our time to ourselves for this

Thank You Tony Robbins & GoodBye Scarcity Mindset!

Doing what makes you feel uncomfortable and investing in YOURSELF. Yes it opens doors. Yes create opportunities for yourself. Resistance is often an opening for growth and learning!


Often what stops me from doing something is my "dislike" for it and the cost... I over came my seemingly unwarranted dislike of Tony Robbins and guilt for spending money on yet MORE courses by taking the plunge to attend the recent "Unleash The Power Within" in Singapore... With this action, not stagnation, more insights were gained and doors to opportunities opened...

Total immersion for 4 days straight. Being in a room with 12,000 people , the energy, the stories, the transformation, the connection... was extremely powerful.

Showing up for this was largely inspirational for me. It showed me how I have been thinking small. Always limiting the workshops I run into small groups.

The dreams, the visions that come to me are big and relate to changing the world through transforming individuals. Yes, not a new message, however what is unique is how Intuitive Music Programming - IMP  plays a role in this plan.

Attending "Unleash The Power Within" showed me that in thinking small the dream will remain small... that the larger dreams are in me because the reality is HUGE as is the impact. So the conflict of having BIG dreams with a small mindset is what I needed to resolve.

Enrolling in a course, getting mentoring even in a massive group setting like this, had massive impact on me.

Music by virtue of its vibration and frequency impacts on a massive scale - and this space is where Intuitive Music Programming - IMP is to exist and expand. Music sees no time or space and therefore no limits <3

Creating Your Online Course

I enrolled on a course run by Cathy Niezen called CREATING YOUR ONLINE COURSE. Sitting in the weekly classes and getting guidance and what is essentially mentoring from Cathy is really supporting me in facing my fears attached to converting my workshop into an online course. Her sharing of her journey of creating her online course is proving my fears are just thoughts and not reality... we have had similar fears in the process of creating an online course and her success is evidence that the fears are an illusion.

That is essentially what mentorship is about - about sharing, about listening and guiding. Your teacher / mentor will provide you with evidence through their own success stories. They show you how the process itself is a success story.

Cathy reminds us how it is about the steps forward we are taking with every action, no matter how small, that matters. She offers insights and wisdom that are magnificent gifts. It's truly wonderful the support system you gain when you enroll on an online course with the additional benefit of having a mentor


Workshop for Adolescents and Young Adults

The First organic run of IMP workshop for Adolescents & Young Adults - UNTANGLE.UNDERSTAND.ACCEPT

Am feeling truly blessed to be supported by these two young men through their participation in this workshop. This not only facilitates in my service but represents their own contribution to service too. Their openness, willing to share, questions and feedback are invaluable.

Session 1 is complete!
Songs of the Day include :

Closing Time / SemiSonic
Affection / JinSang
Wonderwall / Oasis
Thank You / MKTO
It's Who We are / Red
Heartburn / Wafia

Session 2 is complete!
Songs of the Day include :

Shadow Of The Day / Linkin Park
Sound of Silence / Disturbed
Wasted / MKTO
Gone Gone Gone / Phillip Phillips
Purpose / Justin Bieber

With Session 3 over, the workshop is complete!
Songs of the Day include :

Move You Feet / Junior Senior
Changes / Faul & Wad vs. Pnau
Dancing in the Moonlight / Toploader

Feeling only Gratitude as Intuitive Music Programming officially launches it's second workshop

Forgive Focus Forward Workshop USA Edition Complete

I would like to welcome Adriana, Jorge and Vanessa to the FFF Faculty and CONGRATULATE each of them as they completed the Forgive Focus Forward Workshop this weekend; the Foundation Program for Intuitive Music Programming.

It was a powerful weekend with inspiring displays of courage, deep healing and beautiful practise of unconditional love.

A huge Thank you to Cathy for hosting the first IMP-FFF Workshop in the USA, in her home in San Jose - it really added to the magic. Congratulations also to Cathy for completing her THIRD IMP-FFF Workshop!

We are now planning for one more workshop whilst Melissa is still in California. This time we are exploring the  prospect of running the program over the week, Monday to Friday, in the evenings, either last week of June (19 - 23) or 2nd week of July (10 - 14).

Please email for enquiries on the next Workshop in California :

Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique Mini workshops

I am excited to announce that over the next few weeks I will be creating various "themed" SVH mini workshops, each designed to offer an opportunity to experience this amazing powerful modality and the immediate transformations that can be achieved. Should you wish to sign up for an up-coming SVH Level 1 Course  as a result of the mini workshop, an introduction fee will be offered.

The Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique is the safest and most effective means for reformatting genetic and current life imbalance, restoring harmony to the physical body, and quieting the mind. It is aligned with the highest principles of divine truth, the divine timing of all beings, and is a mastery tool that is designed to create no harm or imbalance. This is undeniably the premier enlightenment tool of the century.
The inner directives and mechanisms of The Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique are taught in structured courses. There are currently six levels of proficiency within this prayer modality, which foster personal awareness, promote clear thinking and stimulate personal empowerment.

Always a Student...

I was recalling today what an amazing year 2016 was - a crazy rollercoaster. Major downs with little highs here and there. It was a BIG year of learning for me..

1. I learned to connect with my body more by taking up yoga and adopting a daily practice with an online teacher
2. I learned to listen more to my intuition and let it guide me to different places around the world
3. I learned to be fearless about telling my story of grief
4. I learned more about dying, death, grief, bereavement and the different theories of past lives and souls through my voracious appetite for reading (here are some of the books I read in 2016)

Coming Soon in August 2017

I am excited to announce that we are currently building the IMP store where we will be offering beautiful hand made Crystal Malas and Bracelets for your personal adornment as well as spectacular Crystals for your home or work place. I am honoured to be able to collaborate with creative friends who are passionate about crystals and infuse their creative spirit and more into their art pieces.

Available soon will also be the option to program the Crystal you purchase eg. Peace, Abundance, Unconditional Love etc.