A Poem - Here & Now (c) Melissa Indot 2016

My future is here
My future is now
I am void of fear
Clear the stage, take a bow

Silent expression
No distance too far
Magical connection
Keep raising the bar

Strength in Sisterhood
Feminine Divine
Witnessing my truth
All will be just fine 

This transformation
I feel me expand
Spirit inflection
Feel your heart in your hand

So now we return
To schedules we know
Love memories are burned
Deep in our souls

- Here & Now, 26 November 2016 (c) Melissa Indot

A Poem - Definition of Me (c) Melissa Indot 2017

When everything you thought you knew, means nothing and nothing at all
When all that ever defined you, gets thrown at you like a ball
When memories appear in your mind, as nightmares that replay
Haunting every corner of you, taunting you day by day

Confusion leaves a trail, like chemicals in the sky
How will I ever get through? How will I ever get by?
One moment I am soaring, high like an airplane
The next my tears are pouring, flooding like heavy rain

The anxiety twists and turns, inside my fragile gut
I look up high above me, I can't escape this rut
There is no sign of an exit, I see no way to leave
I guess I'll sit in this moment, until it's time to grieve

There is no real escaping, this recurring scary dream
And nothing will ever be, the way I thought it seemed
I trust one day that this, ache will ebb away
Happiness will get to share, with me another day

This too shall pass says the ink, upon my shaky wrist
It's time to live life full, without taking silly risks
Although I feel sick inside, with fear paralyzingly me
I remind myself to be calm, I remind myself to breathe

My vision is grey and blurred, no images appear clear
My hearing is very muffled, what is that sound I can hear
My head is spinning around , an eternal spinning top
When will this anguish end, when will this fortune stop

So one day I know I will thank, the Gods and guides and you
I managed to sit through pain, that lead to my powerful truth
Gratitude will overflow, my vibrant beating heart
Because it was borne from love, my sobriety is going last

- Definition of Me, 21 January 2017 (c) Melissa Indot

Forgive Focus Forward Workshop USA Edition Complete

I would like to welcome Adriana, Jorge and Vanessa to the FFF Faculty and CONGRATULATE each of them as they completed the Forgive Focus Forward Workshop this weekend; the Foundation Program for Intuitive Music Programming.

It was a powerful weekend with inspiring displays of courage, deep healing and beautiful practise of unconditional love.

A huge Thank you to Cathy for hosting the first IMP-FFF Workshop in the USA, in her home in San Jose - it really added to the magic. Congratulations also to Cathy for completing her THIRD IMP-FFF Workshop!

We are now planning for one more workshop whilst Melissa is still in California. This time we are exploring the  prospect of running the program over the week, Monday to Friday, in the evenings, either last week of June (19 - 23) or 2nd week of July (10 - 14).

Please email for enquiries on the next Workshop in California : AskMe@IntuitiveMusicProgramming.com

Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique Mini workshops

I am excited to announce that over the next few weeks I will be creating various "themed" SVH mini workshops, each designed to offer an opportunity to experience this amazing powerful modality and the immediate transformations that can be achieved. Should you wish to sign up for an up-coming SVH Level 1 Course  as a result of the mini workshop, an introduction fee will be offered.

The Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique is the safest and most effective means for reformatting genetic and current life imbalance, restoring harmony to the physical body, and quieting the mind. It is aligned with the highest principles of divine truth, the divine timing of all beings, and is a mastery tool that is designed to create no harm or imbalance. This is undeniably the premier enlightenment tool of the century.
The inner directives and mechanisms of The Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique are taught in structured courses. There are currently six levels of proficiency within this prayer modality, which foster personal awareness, promote clear thinking and stimulate personal empowerment.
— SerenityVibrationHealing.com

Coming Soon in August 2017

I am excited to announce that we are currently building the IMP store where we will be offering beautiful hand made Crystal Malas and Bracelets for your personal adornment as well as spectacular Crystals for your home or work place. I am honoured to be able to collaborate with creative friends who are passionate about crystals and infuse their creative spirit and more into their art pieces.

Available soon will also be the option to program the Crystal you purchase eg. Peace, Abundance, Unconditional Love etc.