Forgive Focus Forward Workshop in the Bay Area, California

I have finally arrived in the Land of Dreams and in San Jose which is where I'll be calling home for the next few weeks. I'm extremely grateful for the safe and seamless journey that brought me here and am looking forward to establishing a network of beautiful friends here who I know will become part of the IMP family.

The GREAT news is that we are now 75% to capacity for the sign ups of this workshop with another two and a half weeks to go. This is super exciting and what I am amped about is that the first Cali FFF Group are also going to be the first to experience some new elements in the workshop.

FFF moves and expands through my experiences and daily connection with all of you and finally there is some integration of some of the gifts that the Universe has offered since the birth of FFF module 6 months ago.

Please head to the Facebook page for more information on how Intuitive Music Programming works and of course what Forgive Focus Forward is all about. There is also an event page for you to get the Paypal link to sign up for the few remaining spaces on the workshop which runs 9-11 June 2017 in the Bay Area. Head to Workshops to keep up to date with up coming Intuitive Music Programming program schedules.