A Poem - She (c) Melissa Indot 2016

We know not the secrets she keeps
As she stays silent and does not speak
Her Goddess strength with much to give
Let's darkness pass as does a sieve

She loves her world she loves her life
Knows not complaints she hugs her strife
Sometimes her tears they fall at night
They disappear with morning light

And everyday she warriors on
She's up all night she works all morn
This woman the hero of our lives
She is strength, she survives

Friend, sister, cousin, mum
She gives us life, she is our Sun
So celebrate all that she is
She is the world and more than this

Do not forget her power inside
She live for you, for you she'll die
She'll never ask for your love
Her strength it comes from high above

- She, 11 August 2016 (c) Melissa Indot