Creating Your Online Course

I enrolled on a course run by Cathy Niezen called CREATING YOUR ONLINE COURSE. Sitting in the weekly classes and getting guidance and what is essentially mentoring from Cathy is really supporting me in facing my fears attached to converting my workshop into an online course. Her sharing of her journey of creating her online course is proving my fears are just thoughts and not reality... we have had similar fears in the process of creating an online course and her success is evidence that the fears are an illusion.

That is essentially what mentorship is about - about sharing, about listening and guiding. Your teacher / mentor will provide you with evidence through their own success stories. They show you how the process itself is a success story.

Cathy reminds us how it is about the steps forward we are taking with every action, no matter how small, that matters. She offers insights and wisdom that are magnificent gifts. It's truly wonderful the support system you gain when you enroll on an online course with the additional benefit of having a mentor