Some of What 2017 "learned" Me

2017 was a very different year of learning for me... I did not do as much travelling as I did in 2016 however I spent longer periods of time in the places that I traveled to.

You do a lot of learning during this time :

1. You learn new language - even when your language is the same, different countries and cities have their own slangs and slants and nuances to a common mother tongue
2. You learn difficult urban culture.
3. You learn the different social graces.
4. You learn about the different rules and governing laws
5. When I spent two months in Peru, i learned to understand a language in the way that is was expressed - through body language and tone and suggestion and most of all through my intuition
6. I got mugged at gun point. I learned about attachment, about forgiveness, about gratitude, about trauma, about sacred space, about survival, about resilience, about strength, about vulnerability, about asking for help, about silence, about emotional abuse, about unconditional love, about holding space, about self care, about recovery... in fact there is so much from this experience ALONE that I am still integrating and assimilating... just writing this is turning my insides upside down...

There are so many more things I could mention... my point is we are always learning. Life has so much to show us if we only commit some of our time to ourselves for this