Thank You Tony Robbins & GoodBye Scarcity Mindset!

Doing what makes you feel uncomfortable and investing in YOURSELF. Yes it opens doors. Yes create opportunities for yourself. Resistance is often an opening for growth and learning!


Often what stops me from doing something is my "dislike" for it and the cost... I over came my seemingly unwarranted dislike of Tony Robbins and guilt for spending money on yet MORE courses by taking the plunge to attend the recent "Unleash The Power Within" in Singapore... With this action, not stagnation, more insights were gained and doors to opportunities opened...

Total immersion for 4 days straight. Being in a room with 12,000 people , the energy, the stories, the transformation, the connection... was extremely powerful.

Showing up for this was largely inspirational for me. It showed me how I have been thinking small. Always limiting the workshops I run into small groups.

The dreams, the visions that come to me are big and relate to changing the world through transforming individuals. Yes, not a new message, however what is unique is how Intuitive Music Programming - IMP  plays a role in this plan.

Attending "Unleash The Power Within" showed me that in thinking small the dream will remain small... that the larger dreams are in me because the reality is HUGE as is the impact. So the conflict of having BIG dreams with a small mindset is what I needed to resolve.

Enrolling in a course, getting mentoring even in a massive group setting like this, had massive impact on me.

Music by virtue of its vibration and frequency impacts on a massive scale - and this space is where Intuitive Music Programming - IMP is to exist and expand. Music sees no time or space and therefore no limits <3