Virtual Classrooms

In 2017 I took a particular interest in learning from teachers! I signed up for virtual courses. They took several different forms.

The first course of the year was for Serenity Vibration Healing lead by awesome teacher Linnet Tan. I made great friends in that group, including one who is not only part of my extra special support group, she also works with me in our RaisAsia community - love you Mindy Choo... (a bonus from enrolling yourself on courses!)

The next one I did was a teleconference course - I was sent a "textbook" workbook to work off and jumped on a conference call once a week to work through it with an amazing teacher who was in another part of the world.

On another telephone course I was lucky in that the other student had to pull out because what ended up happening is that my teacher, Jill Marie more or less became a Mentor. That was super special <3

I liked the idea of being back in the classroom where I would share my thoughts, learn not just from the text book and be guided by the teacher, but also learn from my fellow students experiences. The online course also offers me an option to connect on a different level with your teacher which makes it feel more like mentoring.

What online courses have you taken and what have your experiences been like?