To provide tools and support in re-shaping a conscious community where each individual has re-claimed their personal sovereignty creating opportunities to re-direct your path towards an abundant life.



IMP opens a portal to a neutral state of being that allows your soul to re-align with ease, to an authentic version of you. IMP provides a gateway to a the limitless possibilities available to you at every moment. The place within you, from which you can create the reality you choose.

Intuitive Music Programming provides an orchestral landscape that safely allows your mind and ego to stand aside while you connect with the energy of your Creator / Source / Light without the use of labels or judgements.

Unconsciously, music affects us physically. We resonate with music as in physics; "resonance is a is a phenomenon in which a vibrating system or external force drives another system to oscillate with greater amplitude at specific frequencies" (Wikipedia)


Music is an intricate tapestry of different sounds vibrations. 

Sound Frequencies .. are sound vibrations that determine the pitch of sounds we hear. In any piece of music, we hear a multitude of these frequencies.


This explains why we literally FEEL music. This explains why we all respond to music, vibrationally. Music is a powerful tool for transformation as it does its work on a cellular level. 


Our thoughts and emotions are transformed with music. Our reality jumps dimensions and our energy shifts. Fully in the present moment, we drop into our physical bodies creating a heart-warming connection.


Connection keeps us in the present moment. Being fully present  allows space to create solutions instead of looking at the problems. Problems are what we perceive to be beyond our control. Solutions are what we create for ourselves.