Her Story - You & Me

Melissa has never been one to fit in and is blessed with the ability to allow her intuition to guide. As a child studying in Malaysia, she excelled at school and was a natural leader. Boarding school in the U.K. brought her the experience of being a victim of bullying, that which gave her the opportunity to find her own feet and discover strength in vulnerability as she cultivated the tools to survive in an environment, thousands of miles away from the familiar safety of family and home.

In her later years, she stepped away from the conventional path and expectations of what life should look like and pursued her calling in Music. As a songwriter, lyricist and poet, being in a creative space has always served Melissa in supporting her through the peaks and troughs of life's journey. Melissa was constantly inspired to write about all she experienced and witnessed in life and shared her journey through her music at gigs and shows. This was how she connected with people and the results were always profound.

In November 2013, Melissa's Father was diagnosed with Stage 3B, Oesophageal Cancer and within five months he passed away. Just over a year later, Melissa's Soul partner was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer; within eight months, she passed away. Within this two year window, Melissa accompanied two people in their terminal Cancer journey. As primary Care-giver, the experience of inevitably losing both loved ones had a profound if not life-changing effect on Melissa. It opened a path to awareness and consciousness that she has never looked back on. It was during this time that Melissa was able to acknowledge her struggle with addiction; a coping mechanism she had adopted to support her during the care-giving chapter of her life. 

Her writing in the form of poetry became prolific and with the release of every original piece, Melissa observed the connection it fostered as her inbox became flooded with comments and messages of compassion, support, love and understanding. Many of those people found unconditional support through these creative works as it offered them a form of counselling for the struggles they were experiencing in their lives.