Her Story - You & Me

Melissa is the creatrix of Intuitive Music Programming. After a meteoric career as a singer/songwriter, releasing numerous albums and winning industry awards, Melissa went on a journey of self-discovery. After the death of her father and life partner within a year of each other, Melissa came to realise that she had the gift of being a facilitator, space-holder and gate-keeper between the worlds. She went on to train as a Teacher of Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique, of which she is now a Level 3 Master Practitioner.

Melissa is an innovator, intuitive mystic, poet and healer. She is a Feminine Leader for our Times.

Working with Melissa shifts your life to new levels. She catalyses transformation and activates your highest potential. Melissa is a translator of emotions and helps clients transform beliefs and imprints that have held them back for decades. She facilitates personal expansion and self sovereignty.

Melissa was never one to fit in. She is an inspiration and trail-blazer. Artist and muse. Fire-starter and Galaxy Weaver. 


Melissa Indot: Lost Stars 10 June / 11 June 2016 Award-winning vocalist Melissa Indot took us on a familiar journey through various emotional landscapes of the heart-joy, pain, heartache, love, celebration, grief and more. Melissa embraced powerful covers and shared some originals in what was a roller coaster night of emotions. The performance was punctuated with insights with each song in the intentionally curated setlist. Applying Intuitive Music Programming in a public setting is something Melissa offers in all her carefully curated gigs.