Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique Level 1 / Mastery / Animal Healing


How It Works

Serenity Vibration Healing uses systematic tools and protocols in an active form of prayer, interfacing directly with the Higher or “God” Self level of consciousness of the individuals, to identify and reformat all embedded seeds and root causes of an ailment / issue / pattern lodged within the many levels of consciousness, lifetimes and dimensions

Quiet incessant mind chatter, worries & anxiety

Re-script non-serving beliefs activated in childhood

Clear physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks

Reformat genetic imprints passed on by parents and ancestors

Release karma, curses and other suppression profiles

We are Divine Beings living a Human experience, tracing our soul and genetic lineages back through thousands of years. As such, lifetimes of conditioning, patterns, traumas, oaths, suppression profiles, in humanity, collective consciousness and our specific lineages and the verbiage we use, all may influence our current life and manifestations.

Why Learn SVH?

If we have been fuelling and creating anything less than our HIGHEST IDEAL LIFE, it is our sovereign right to identify, rescript and delete all ancient and current limitations; effectively and permanently. SVH tools are simple and powerful, and allow us to start living a life of MASTERY, today.

Melissa is a Dedicated Healer…

... Teacher, Inspirational speaker and a gifted Musician. As a teacher she weaves all of those talents to help students open their minds to the vision of what is possible when the energy of past issues is washed away. She makes learning fun and through that lightness students begin to see the infinite possibilities that await them.

— Jill Marie, Founder of SVH - The Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique®

What Does the Group Online Course entail ?

✨> The SVH Level 1 / Level 1 Mastery Online Courses are scheduled to begin in January 2019

✨> Class schedule is as follows :

LIVE Video Classes are usually scheduled at 09.00 - 13.00 GMT

*Please email me if this does not accommodate your time zone and we will create a solution*

✨> The format of the course is usually 3 (three) consecutive days of 4 (four) hour online video conference classes.

✨> A Hard copy Manual / Workbook is provided will be sent to you by mail on payment.

✨> You will learn how to sweep through your life to each time negative or limiting situations laid foundations of imbalance that still affect you today and extinguish the fires that have continued to smoulder and periodically flair up to thwart your confidence, safety and prosperity. ( Text credit :

✨> The cornerstone of SVH is a prodigious reformatting tool that re-scripts limiting genetic and current life imprints, perceptions and beliefs that can block you from creating your ideal reality known as Quantum Level Reprogramming. (Text credit :

✨>  Access to an exclusive private Facebook group which provides a safe community to share, inspire, create, find support, grow and expand together.

✨>  BONUS three month access to the IMP Playground Circle (worth USD$ 158) for one monthly group calls to check-in as you integrate the newly acquired tools & skills into your life with Melissa. This may include intuitive readings, song & playlist recommendations, Serenity Vibration Healing visualisations and guidance on current issues. 

✨>  OPTIONAL : 90 mins One on One Session @ USD$ 288 - an opportunity to work with Melissa on moving through specific blocks or struggles, or perhaps to gain clarity on designing and moving forward in creating the life you desire. These are powerfully transformative sessions potentially combining various tools and skills including Serenity Vibration Healing, Intuitive Music Programming & Divine Intervention held together by the grounding and nurturing frequency of music.

SVH is a personal empowerment tool that works at the transcendent levels to reform foundations of limiting beliefs and perceptions that can stop you from reaching your highest ideal.

After completing this course you can be certified to be an SVH Practitioner and use these tools in your practice


Starting Now

✨> Attract Honouring Relationships and Ideal Opportunities

✨> Create and Manifest Happiness, Health and Wealth

✨> Live Your Life with Passion and Purpose


What is SVH Level 1 Mastery

(Prerequisite: SVH Level 1 Practitioner Certification)

This course of study is designed to take your understanding of the Serenity Tools to a new level of proficiency that will catapult you to greater levels of focus, clarity and sovereignty.

The tools and instruction in this course can easily foster your ability to direct thousands of meaningful life transforming directives with a single thought. You will develop your own preset protocols that can be activated in an instant to defuse volatile situations, enhance desired outcomes and lay the foundation for a new reality that fully supports your ideals.

This course is the frosting on the cake that will help each student to leap to new levels of conscious awareness that bridge the gap between living life and creating the life they desire.

Components of this level of proficiency include advanced interlinked profiles of clearing and re-scripting that will aid to access deeper recesses of genetic and current life formatting.

If the Serenity Tools in the SVH Level 1 Course are equated with the speed and efficiency of a jet airplane, this transformational course will turn your jet into a space shuttle.

(Text Credit :

SVH is the premier set of tools to master the mind. It is the safest, most effective means for reformatting genetic and current life imbalances, as well as restoring harmony to the physical body and quieting the mind.

Serenity Vibration Healing Online Course (1:1)
Serenity Vibration Healing Online Course (Group)
Serenity Vibration Healing Live Training (1:1)
Serenity Vibration Healing Live Training (Group)

GBP £1,333 / Euro 1,500 for 1 on 1 training or GBP £1,111 / Euro 1,221 for Group training

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