“My skepticism got the best of me before I went. To be perfectly honest I was questioning why I was taking part in the (Untangle.Understand.Accept) workshop. After the first lesson I was already drawn in. I was shown different ways to interpret scenarios. This alongside with many other skills I acquired during the workshop will definitely be taken forward in life. I was able to utilise the new tools and skills I learnt not long after my 3rd workshop. Concluding that I was able to actually take those skills and apply them in my everyday lifestyle.”

Jeremy Jay, 17
Kent, England
“The (Untangle.Understand.Accept) course was definitely interesting. I was a little bit sceptical at first but having completed it, i have a wider perspective of things. I myself can be very closed minded when it comes to talking about certain subjects. But now I find it easier to open up towards people, which can have many benefits in life.”

Jeffri Joaqim, 19
London, England
“The Forgive Focus Forward workshop created by Melissa is like having a kind, soulful shepherd take you to new pastures. But first you need to move away from the rocky terrains at the lower levels. The small pebbles and huge rocks that you stand on for so long..that you hold on to unknowingly, not acknowledging its impact on you. Well..Sa will help you step off the dry and dusty gravels of your mind so you can step into your best version of yourself. It is a gift. Present yourself with this humbling, gentle, gift....”

Kristina Rai Scott, 40s
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“Inspiring Intuitive ground breaking work; IMP at a whole new level. Melissa has successfully created a Sacred Safe Space filled with Love Trust and Kindness. This encourages participants to open up; delve deep and begin the inner work to embark on an Amazing Journey of personal Transformation. Her choice of music is Intuitive and resonates.
I would highly recommend Melissa Indot’s Forgive Focus Forward workshop.”

Sakina Ali. 40s
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“FORGIVE.FOCUS.FORWARD is a beautiful 3-day workshop using Intuitive Music Programming, a system that uses music as a tool for us to start living the life we want.... A life lived with ease and grace.
Melissa’s sensitive guidance and unconditional support during the IMP-FFF workshop as she took us through the magical music, meditations and affirmations was instrumental to our process of digging deep, opening up, recognising and shedding the energies and mindsets that were no longer serving us, for us to reconnect with our truth.”

Lianna Leong, 30s
London, UK
“Thank you Melissa for creating an incredible workshop that enabled me to unravel the layers within. A profound 3 days.”

Bianca Lind, 30s
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“Wow.... Sometimes you attend courses/workshops and all you can think is “I wish my loved ones could be with me...”
Melissa and her IMP just opened my awareness, heart and communion with participants’ stories in a very sacred and safe way through music, feeling, truth, sharing and meditation... Thank you to each of the ladies... Special thanks to you Melissa.... Wow...”

Cathy Niezen, 40s
San Jose, California, USA
“I am enlightened and empowered !! At long last, I now see clarity and I am hopeful and excited for what lies ahead.. as I forged on I know that I am now armed with the tools that will help me to persevere.. 3 days of IMP-Forgive Focus Forward workshop has indeed been a revealing and empowering journey!!! 3 days of being guided expertly, lovingly and supportively by Melissa in a safe, non judgemental environment through an emotional highs and lows journey of Self Discovery and Self Healing that ultimately culminated into the gift of Self Love. The key to everything that many neglect!
Love that Melissa uses Music as the core for the workshop! It was truly an enlightening and beautiful experience. Through her own compelling system of IMP, Music is used as a medium to facilitate and ease the journey of Self Awareness and Healing while we slowly align ourselves through the process of Forgive Focus Forward. I am deeply grateful to Melissa for her kindness and loving act in sharing her approach to help others like myself that needs it and deeply grateful to all my soul sisters in the workshop for being so supportive loving and kind.”

Lili Yusoff, 30s
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“I” was lost, now I’ve found the tools to come back... and stronger. What a workshop.. a must for everyone.”

Siti Nursheena, 40s
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“Thank you Melissa…. Made conscious efforts today and they have paid off.”

Nariza Hashim, 50s
London, UK
“It has taken me a week to digest what I have learnt about why I am so bitter and angry on certain issues in my life.Attending the FFF workshop was a a great experience for me. It helped to unfold the many layers of compounded prejudice and anger which I harboured in my heart without realising why. A lot of soul searching , and I am still learning. The musical journey was calm n soothing as it took us to another space. I feel lighter now. Thanks.”

Patricia ‘Baby’ Yap, 70s
London, UK
“Having now taken the course twice I cannot emphasize how amazing it was for me to discover things that I had no idea... THe camaraderie and support from the group, under Melissa’s guidance was crucial for me to allow me to explore truths at my own pace... Some I shared and some I just pondered and felt. The sense of awareness has empowered me to move forward in 2 key areas of my life... Thank you so much!!!!! Also, if you have taken the course once already, you must take it a second and third time... I am bringing it to the US just to make sure I take it again....”

Cathy Niezen, 40s
San Jose, California, USA
(2 time Attendee)
“I admit I had some initial reservations about attending this workshop but my first encounter with Sa and the other three participants immediately set me at ease. I have carried a lot of emotional baggage for so long. The activities helped me release a lot of my guilt and fears and regrets. It feels like the darkness that has long enveloped me appears to have dissipated quite a bit. My soul actually seems much lighter and I feel like I can breathe deeper and cleaner than I have in a very long time. I absolutely enjoyed the segments in which Sa incorporated original music tracks. I appreciated too how well we all connected with each other and forged powerful degrees of trust within the group.
I highly recommend this workshop for those in search of healing and awakening. An added plus point is that the food was spot on. Thank you, Sa, for a tremendously life changing encounter within such a short timeframe. A shout out too to my boss who made it possible for me to attend this Forgive Focus Forward workshop.”

Rahaina Abd Rahman, 30s
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“To put it in a nutshell, 1. Absent 2.Aware 3. Awake = Adventure! Thank you FFF.”

Jean Lim, 50s
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“When I read the FFF workshop description, I knew I had to attend and I am so thankful I did. I feel like I have unlocked “me” that was buried in my self built wall of negative emotions that were blocking out numerous positive and wonderful things in my life. The 3 days allowed for a safe place to explore me, using music, meditation and reflection with questions that really helped me peel back the layers to actually see why cern things were happening. We had amazing conversations, tears, laughter and positive energy that has helped me see “me” again. It was such a wonderful experience and I am thankful to have taken part. Melissa is such a wonderful facilitator and gracious host. I am truly excited and energized from FFF.”

Suzanne Roe, 40s
Maryland, USA
“Re-connecting with self is important to me. Morning Ritual suggested by FFF is helping me get there... feeling my rainbow.”

Salwa Kamaruddin, 50s
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“This program has left me feeling light and lifted. I have never doubted the power of music as vibrations that not only lifts you but gives you strength to power through the layers we accumulate year after year. Thank you Melissa for sharing such an empowering program with us.”

Sharon Yong Abdullah, 30s
Melbourne, Australia