Melissa intuitively selects songs and creates playlists, relative to the subscribed workshop thematic. Each playlist supports a compassionate and empowering journey during which songs are broken down lyrically as Melissa guides you through processes, shares useful tools and opens discussions while undiscovered parts of you show themselves for transformation. You will be offered the opportunity to participate in additional guided visualisations and have access to affirmations written exclusively to facilitate you on your unique path to self expression and connection. Words are often limiting when it comes to describing where we are at any given moment, whilst music offers a full expression.

Forgive Focus Forward (3 Day Immersive Workshop)


Unsettled with your life? Do you have it “all”, yet feel that your life lacks meaning or Purpose?

Are you ready to realise your full potential by living harmoniously in a rhythm of life that is authentically You?

The FORGIVE.FOCUS.FORWARD course is an inspiring introduction to Intuitive Music Programming (IMP), a powerful system that uses music as a vehicle to facilitate in reaching your goals to create the ideal life of your dreams, effortlessly

From this neutral space, you are supported in :

  • Releasing all that no longer serves you from the past, allowing you to consciously clear the slate and start afresh.

  • This effortless and renewed clarity provides a strong foundation to establish and recognise your goals; your Truth.

  • This grounded platform is the spring board from which you will be propelled into the fulfilling and purposeful life that you have been waiting for.

IMP creates an opportunity for you to design a life that allows your soul to re-align as you :

  • FORGIVE what is past with gratitude. Imagine letting go of a lifetime of troubles and fears. Releasing all that burdens you leaves you free to glide through life effortlessly.

  • FOCUS on your Purpose. Clarity helps to secure a bull’s eye target for your compass to navigate. No longer will you be searching and wandering, trying to figure out how to live a fulfilling life.

  • FORWARD movement towards creating your dream – Armed with clarity and with a clear path ahead you are ready and able to explore the various actions to achieving your goals.


The FORGIVE.FOCUS.FORWARD course gives you powerful tools and processes to apply to every aspect of your life. They facilitate fearless exploration, expression, expansion and empowerment; leaving individuals open to limitless possibilities. 

“Inspiring Intuitive ground breaking work; IMP at a whole new level. Melissa has successfully created a Sacred Safe Space filled with Love Trust and Kindness. This encourages participants to open up; delve deep and begin the inner work to embark on an Amazing Journey of personal Transformation. Her choice of music is Intuitive and resonates.
I would highly recommend Melissa Indot’s Forgive Focus Forward workshop.”

Sakina Ali. 40s
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Untangle Understand Accept (2 Half Day Workshop)


This workshop’s focus is to address and manage the often inexplicably complicated Adolescent chapter in our journey. Untangle.Understand.Accept gently guides Tweens, Teenagers and Young Adults through one of the hardest periods of their young lives. In this stage of life, they find themselves having to navigate through the confusion and frustration that results from a struggle to express and communicate their needs reasonably and with clarity, in what often seems like a restrictive world.

Intuitive Music Programming facilitates this journey of self discovery, expression, empowerment and fully supports taking action.

  • UNTANGLE confusion and frustration through guided listening sessions, participatory exercises (processes) and fun discussions that cultivate focused connection with essence of their true-selves.

  • UNDERSTAND that things happen FOR them and not TO them; that in every experience there is the opportunity to step into their strength to make choices that serve them towards positive growth.

  • ACCEPT and exercise their intuitive skills by contributing their own song choices and playlists to the group, that support their's and others' respective experiences.

The UNTANGLE.UNDERSTAND.ACCEPT Workshop provides tools and systems for the individuals to integrate into their lifestyles, empowering them with the ability to adapt in an ever changing world. Music opens all channels of expression and facilitates communication.

“The (Untangle.Understand.Accept) course was definitely interesting. I was a little bit sceptical at first but having completed it, i have a wider perspective of things. I myself can be very closed minded when it comes to talking about certain subjects. But now I find it easier to open up towards people, which can have many benefits in life.”

Jeffri Joaqim, 19
London, England

Me, Myself & I (1 Day Workshop)


This programme's focus is to review, calibrate and re-align our Energetic Centres also known as Chakras. 

Throughout our lives as we grow physically, move through and evolve in an always changing world, the energy flowing through us is often compromised. This happens as a result of physical, mental and emotional injuries and "scarring" which create blocks to the abundance that life has to offer each of us. 

Each energy centre is located in different areas of our body and represent different potential issues of concern, for example (to name a few) :

  • Struggles with Expression

  • Low Self Esteem

  • Difficulty with Trust

Any imbalances are acknowledged and calibrated to support our current placement in life - this can be viewed as your very own "system update" and opens you to the ABUNDANCE that is Your's to claim!

Coming Soon (also as a Four Week Online Course)

Being Fearless (Half Day Workshop)

An IMP process that facilitates in identifying and clearing the paralysing effects that Fears can have on Life so that you can Reclaim Self Sovereignty

This process was created to heal debilitating fears. Certain areas in our lives can feel stagnant and "stuck" because of Fears that hold us back, preventing us from reaching our goals. 

Your Fears show up as a guide to the unhealed parts of you that need attention. Make Fear your ally.

Here is a simple process to get you on a grounded track towards clearing the fears that are stopping you from moving forward in your relationships whether personal, social or business. 

This process will enable you to :

🔊Identify your Fears

🔊Release you Fear and Keep you in the Now

🔊Take Action to achieve your Goals

At the end of the process you will :

🎧Attain Clarity

🎧Regain confidence

🎧Have a system to support you on achieving your goals effectively

** The Online Class / Live Workshop is a Single Two (2) hour session*

I took the course on Fear (Being Fearless) and had amazing results! Sa was able to bring forth amazing shifts and reset my relationship with fear. I continue to use what I’ve learned and have felt more bold, empowered and capable of maintaining a balanced state during times of stress. Her use of music and lyrics to bring this forth is amazing!
— Tamara Duncan, Corona U.S.A.

Inner Child Connection (Half Day Workshop)

An IMP process that facilitates reconnection with your INNER CHILD.

This INNER CHILD connection ignites the energy of abundance, gratitude and love that can propel you into creating a conscious way of living.

Here is a simple process to reconnect you with the vitality and curiosity that exists naturally in all children, in our inner child, before it was conditioned out of us through various learnings and teachings of what is expected of us, what is realistic, what is safe etc. This sense of adventure and enthusiasm of the inner child will support in clearing the past programming that has been stopping you from moving forward in your relationships whether personal, social or business.

IMP Inner Child.jpg

This process will enable you to :

🔊 Identify your suppressed emotions

🔊 Release fear-based beliefs and limiting behavioral patterns

🔊 Achieve your inner playfulness and spontaneity

At the end of the process you will :

🎧 Ignite the energy of abundance, gratitude and love

🎧 Restore capacity for curiosity, adventure and joy

🎧 Create a fulfilling and conscious life

This is my first experience IMP. Music helps me connect with my inner child more easily. My inner child reminds me who i am and encourage me to dream big. Melissa done a very good job in holding a safe, lovely and very playful space in this session.
— - Kai Shen Lim, Malaysia

Serenity Vibration Healing & Enlightenment Technique - Level 1 & Level 1 Mastery

(3 Day Workshop)

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to create more harmony in your life, to attract abundance, improve your golf swing or to heal a broken relationship. SVH is a versatile tool that identifies the seeds and foundations of imbalance and reforms them to support success, personal empowerment and personal sovereignty. All of this can be achieved through an inner peace and a stillness that is established when mind chatter is quieted.

The foundation for this modality is Quantum Level Reprogramming (QLR). QLR is a reformatting tool that empowers the Creator to energetically release limiting beliefs and perceptions, while reformatting genetic predispositions and non-serving life patterns.

Quantum level reprogramming helps to silence random inner dialog, freeing the quieted mind to form it’s creations in a focused clarity that will support rapid and even instant manifestation.

SVH is all about sovereignty, autonomy and the freedom to live a life that is free of the attraction of limiting experiences that have the potential to block your smooth, graceful, expedient evolution to higher consciousness.

Imagine being able to focus your mind with laser-like precision, developing levels of conscious awareness that foster a focused clarity that assures you only fuel events and experiences that are aligned with ideal realities.

Melissa is a Level 4 and Animal Healer Practitioner and Level 1 & 1M Teacher.

SVH is a personal empowerment system with tools that works at the transcendent levels to reform foundations of limiting beliefs and perceptions that can stop you from reaching your highest ideal.

Learn more about SVH here

When is the next SVH Course?

Book a free 15 minute Discovery call with Melissa to chat about SVH

Melissa is a dedicated Healer, Teacher, Inspirational speaker and a gifted Musician. As a teacher she weaves all of those talents to help students open their minds to the vision of what is possible when the energy of past issues is washed away. She makes learning fun and through that lightness students begin to see the infinite possibilities that await them.”

Jill Marie
Founder of SVH
The Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment Technique®

Pay It Forward Plan

In order to support those who are financially strained IMP has a PAY IT FORWARD PLAN.

By gifting an IMP Online Course to a friend or family member, you are entitled to a 25% discount on your own enrolment fee. You can also opt to be an anonymous sponsor to a recipient recommended by Melissa. Full disclosure of the proposed recipient's status will be shared with the sponsor on request.

 All gift recipients are encouraged to participate in this beautiful plan by also Paying It Forward.

This helps to keep the scheme "alive" ❤